2013, ARFITICIAL (2013) - GNRATION Braga - João Martinho Moura

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2 iPads generating sound in realtime w/ beat pattern synchronization. custom app for “Arficicial” artwork, exhibition at GNRATION Braga.

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vimeo: http://vimeo.com/65188910

        Exhibition at GNRATION Braga:
          1st to 5th May 2013
          Edifício GNRATION, Braga

        ARFITICIAL (2013), João Martinho Moura
        Minimal audio-visual generative sculpture. Artificial algorithmic sound pattern creation. Curated by Ângela Berlinde for the GNRATION art platform. Developed in openframeworks and lots of OSC communications.

        This is a result of the research I am doing at MTAD and engageLab, University of Minho.

        Acknowledgments: Ana Correia / Francisco / Ivo / João Loureiro / Jorge Sá / TECField / PROMAIS / MTAD UMinho / engageLab UMinho / openframeworks community / super collider community / processing community

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