Exhibition in Berlin, Super Collider Shape 2011
Excerpt of exhibition at the Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, in Berlin, Germany
2nd December 2011.

Also Exhibited at the ARS ELECTRONICA Animation Festival 2012.

Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/28275072

"SuperCollider Shape (2011)" - by João Martinho Moura

A minimal continuous audiovisual sculpture of sound and imagined black ink exploring Supercollider generative sound algorithms. The author is grateful to Alberto de Campo, Julian Rohrhuber and James McCartney for the inspiration on the Super Collider path. Major noise sounds were recorded in a custom made software, developed in Super Collider and Processing, using an EEG interface, doing brain signal analytics, except the piano, witch was recorded live. The processing program was connected to Super Collider via OSC protocol.


List of exhibitions:


      Ars Electronica Festival 2012, Linz / Austria

      Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance 2011, Berlin / Germany

      September 27th – November 4th 2012, donumenta, Regensburg / Germany

      September 28th – October 14th 2012, Beijing Design Week 2012, CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts), Beijing / China

      October 04th 2012, in the framework of AniFest Prag, Galerie u Prstenu, Prag / Czech Republic

      October 2012, Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade / Serbia

      October 8th – 28th 2012, Queensland University of Technology, QUT Creative Industries Precinct / Parer Place Screen, Queensland / Australia

      October 26th 2012, Austrian Cultural Institute Rome, Italy

      November 07th 2012, Open City Workshop and Conference, Katowice / Poland

      November 07th – 10th 2012, Pro&Contra of Media Culture, Krasnoyarsk / Russia

      November 08th – 11th 2012, Espacio Enter project of Artechmedia, Tenerife / Spain

      November 30th – December 01st 2012, NMM Sweden (New Media Meeting Sweden), Norrkoping/Sweden

      December 07th -25th 2012, Asia University, Taichung Government Hall, Taichung / Taiwan

      February 14th 2013, Cinem@rt in Roppongi, Tokyo / Japan

      February 28th 2013, 7pm, Austrian Cultural Forum London / Great Britain

      March 06th 2013, at 7pm at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv International Animation Festival / Israel

      March 8th – 11th 2013, CerModern, Ankara / Turkey (more info about the event via Facebook)

      March 28th -31st 2013, Electron 10 Festival, Geneve / Switzerland

      April 08th 2013, 6pm, Holon Cinematheque, Holon/Israel

      April 11th – May 11th 2013, Austrian Film Weeks in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Czernowitz/Ukraine

      Future Places 2011, Porto / Portugal

About the author:
João Martinho Moura (www.jmartinho.net), a researcher and media artist born in Portugal. His interests are focused in digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music and computational aesthetics. João has a special interest in body driven digital interactive artifacts.

Invited professor at the Master Program in Technology and Digital Arts, at University of Minho, Portugal, teaching Programing for Digital Arts.

In 2013 João Martinho Moura received the National Multimedia Award - Art & Culture, from APMP Multimedia Association in Portugal.

João Martinho Moura has presented his work and research in a variety of conferences related to the arts and technology, including the International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture OFFF (2008); World Congress on Communication and Arts (2010); SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas for Technology (2009); International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging CAe (2008); ARTECH (2008); ARTECH (2010); Computer Interaction (2009); ZON Digital Games (2007); International Creative Arts Fair (2008); ZON Multimédia Premium (2008); Le Corps Numérique - Centre Culturel Saint-Exupéry (2011); Semibreve Award (2012); TEI International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (2011); Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012; Bodycontrolled Series LEAP - Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance Berlin (2012); Futureplaces (2012); Ars Electronica Animation Festival (2012); SLSA Conference - Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (2013), xCoAx - Computation Communication Aesthetics and X (2013). His work has been presented in a variety of places in Portugal, Italy, USA, Brazil, UK, France, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Spain and Austria.

João Martinho Moura is conducting his research at engageLab, a laboratory at the intersection of arts and technology established by two research centres at University of Minho, the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritmi.

João Martinho Moura list of Exhibitions and Confereces.

João Martinho Moura list of Publications.


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